Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Valentine

We had such a fun Valentine's this year.  I have been hounding asking Aaroin for a date to Central Market's cooking school since I have known him.  Well, this year I think he grew tired of me asking about it so that's what we did this year.  We signed up in January and so I had been looking forward to it for a long time and it was so fun!  But before we left I gave Aaron a couple of fun surprises.

I found this cute sticker labels on Very Jane and knew they would be perfect for Aaron and his love of cookies.  Funny side note: Aaron ordered the chocolate chip cookies and milk at Flying Dutchmen for dessert on our first date.  I picked up a dozen cookies and made a cookie basket for him.

Also, he is always saying he never knows what to do for date night so after seeing this date night jar on pinterest I thought I would make one for us.  I thought up several different things in different price ranges and then color coded popsicle sticks by price range and he can draw one out at the beginning of the week for sometime that weekend.

And then we were off to our couple's cooking class!  This is what we made and had for dinner:

Iceberg Wedge with Green Goddess Dressing
Blue Cheese Potatoe Gratin
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
Grilled Lobster Tail with Herb Butter
Filet Mignon with Morels and Tarragon-Marsala Sauce
Cherries Jubilee over Ice Cream

The best part was that all of our ingredients were prepped and ready for us to cook with.  If only it were like that all the time.  We were at a table with another couple and worked as a group to make everything.  We all helped get everything ready and there was plenty of food for all of us.  The chef instructors walked around and gave out tips but the cooking was really hands-on.  We will definitely be going back.  And Aaron even turned out to be quite the cook!

And the finished product - it all turned out so good!  I think my favorite was the green goddess dressing we made since I don't have any experience making dressings.  But I will definitely be making that one again.

I told Aaron not to get me anything else since we were going to the class but he surprised me with beautiful flowers!

We had such a fun first married Valentine's day and are looking forward to many more in the years to come.  Thank you Aaron for your love everyday and for giving us a fun night out.  I love you!

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