Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it that I have only been blogging a few weeks and I am already behind??? My plan is to blog regularly but we will see how it goes. It seems that everyone weekend we have something planned and this one was no exception.

Friday night we went to small group in Galveston. We go every Friday night but this week it was a little more of an adventure as the rains came down and the president flew into our area right as we were leaving. Between typical Friday traffic, the rain and the President the roads were a mess! We thought we might not never make it to Galveston but we did and were even mostly on time. Saturday I went to a baby shower while the soon-to-be Mr. did a bit of work and then we went out for dinner Saturday night. I had a coupon for Carraba's so off we went. (sidenote - I love coupons and even insisted we use one on our third date!) Sundays are busy as we are part of a church plant team in Galveston preparing to publicly launch on Easter Sunday. We have training on Sunday nights and this weekend I had extra children's training so we headed down there early this afternoon. We laughed as we drove back home tonight becuase thanks to daylight savings it was the first time we had driven back home in the daylight - it was a nice change!

We had a steady stream of rain for three days and it seems as though it has finally stopped. I promised this summer during the drought that I wouldn't complain about the rain but I was starting to think we may need a boat to get around. I love spring though so between the rain and extra green and daylight savings time I am one happy girl. Thankfully I don't much on my schedule so I think it will be a good day to catch up on some laundry and cleaning.

Happy Monday everyone!

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